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Your first initial consolation is on us! When you work with our orthodontist office, you not only feel comfortable and safe working with our two highly specialized orthodontists, but you get the benefits of having a specialized orthodontics team. We work to provide you with the best treatment plan possible.

When you come to see us, provide this first visit FREE. We help to ease your discomfort and anxiety of seeing an orthodontist and help you understand the treatment that you may be in need of.


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What Happens During the Initial Consultation?

During this initial consultation, both orthodontists will take a look at your teeth and your previous medical records. A 3D scan will be taken, as well as X-rays, if they are needed to determine where the problem lies. They will then come up with a specialized plan that fits your needs, and your needs alone. Individualized care is essential when working with each of their patients.

During this exam, you’re encouraged to ask questions regarding the care you receive through our office, and the problems you’ve been experiencing. Both orthodontists will answer each and every one of them so you can feel comfortable working with us, and the treatment plan they have put together for your unique situation. Included with the exam is a detailed report, complete with a timeline and quote on the price.

Your first exam is FREE and it can let you know more about the problems you’re experiencing. This initial exam is pain-free and allows you to meet with the entire team before treatment begins.

Why Should I See an Orthodontist?

We do not provide a one-size-fits-all approach to each of our patients. We believe that each patient deserves the best treatment plan for their specific problem. This treatment plan is essential at fixing the problem, ensuring that you have the understanding of what needs to be done, as well as knowing the outcome of having a perfect, beautiful smile and the confidence you deserve that follows.

Through the free initial exam, you can find out the specific treatment plan that works the best with your unique situation. Some come to us for jaw pain, uneven bites, crooked teeth, gaps and many other problems. Whatever your problem may be, we can assess the situation and ensure you get the best treatment possible.

We can provide you with the best smile you’ve ever had. No patient is too young, or too old to have orthodontic work done.


We Welcome Patients Of Any Age

It is recommended that children ages 7 and up see an orthodontist, or before they are 9 years of age. This can help assess any problems that might be happening at an earlier age, to correct the issues before they become worse in the future. We work with the children so that they know what the treatment plan is, while also going over it with their parents and guardians.

If you feel you’re too old for braces, or other orthodontic work, this is not true. You’re never too old to get orthodontic work and the smile and confidence you deserve.

We care deeply about orthodontics, and our patients. If you’re struggling with anxiety about coming to our office, let us know. We will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable, and at ease during the treatment process.

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Your first initial exam and consultation is on us! This is the first step to getting a more
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Your first appointment will include:

  • X-Rays
  • Intramural Scans Which Produce a 3D model of your teeth and jaw
  • Treatment Advice from our Knowledgeable Orthodontist Team
  • Detailed Quote and Timeline of Completion

The initial exam is pain-free. It is just to get a look at your teeth and make any
recommendations for the treatment plan that is necessary for a beautiful smile.


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