7 Reasons You May Need Braces

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | September 8, 2015

The reasons for orthodontic braces and treatment differ from patient to patient. Roughly 3 million Canadian and American teenagers have braces and the number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment is steadily rising. Your dentist will usually be the first person to bring up orthodontic care, and will refer you or a loved one to an […]

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5 Tips for Effectively Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | August 10, 2015

Not only do your teeth play a big part in your appearance, they make it possible for you to chew and even talk correctly. Here are 5 tips for effectively maintaining good dental hygiene, keeping your pearly whites in great shape. 1. Follow a Teeth Whitening Diet If you’re a smoker, drink lots of black […]

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What Age Should My Child Have an Orthodontic Appointment?

Posted by Ousama El-Hillal | July 3, 2015

Your dentist can advise you regarding the ideal time to seek an evaluation for your child by an orthodontist. Orthodontists strongly recommend that if a child is already showing signs of dental problems that they should have them addressed while they’re still growing. Both the American Dental Association and American Association of Orthodontists recommend that […]

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