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Through our unique approach, you have two orthodontists reviewing your case to ensure that nothing goes amiss. Our extensive knowledge and backgrounds allow us to find the less evasive treatment plan for the specific problem. Through the use of our highly skilled professional orthodontist team, and the ability to pinpoint each of the problems, you can walk away with a beautiful smile in no time.

We strongly feel that each patient should get the results they deserve, and the most confident smile they can possibly have!

Meet Our Orthodontists


Dr. O El-Hillal

Dr. El-Hillal is also known as Dr. O, and provides the most attention to detail with each and every patient plan that comes into the office. Receiving his Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College, and then receiving a Dental Medicine degree and Master’s from Temple University, he has had extensive training within the orthodontic field.

When he is not creating beautiful smiles for those patients that come to see him, he is spending time with his family, scuba diving, biking or hiking.

When not perfecting and fixing smiles, he is usually found riding his bike, tinkering with electronics, learning new technology in the world or spending time with his family.


Dr. Wil Saavedra

Dr. Saavedra, also known as Dr. Wil studied and received his Bachelor’s degree from Radford University. He then received his Masters and Dental Medicine degree from Temple University. He continues to pursue his education, to ensure that he is up to date on the latest and greatest in technological orthodontist advancements.

Dr. Saavedra strives make orthodontics as easy and painless as possible through these advancements, and continues to provide break through technology to each of the patients he meets with. He is a member of many organizations, and continues to give back to the community. He is observant and pays close attention to each and every little detail to ensure the right treatment plan is given for each patient.

Get Utmost Attention From Professionals

Feel at home when speaking with both professionals within the office. They can do a thorough exam, speak with you regarding the options that you have, and ensure that you feel comfortable moving forward. Through an overview of the procedure, complete with a timeline and quote for costs, you can feel like everything is laid out for you to make a decision.

Dr. O and Dr. Wil are different from other orthodontists because they care about the patient, before the procedure. They care so much that the first visit with their office is FREE. If financials were once holding you back, their office makes sure that they don’t, ever again.

Through the benefit of having a personalized care plan built just for you, and a team of two orthodontists; you never need a second opinion or a way to achieve a beautiful smile faster. They give you both. Perfecting smiles for years, and providing confidence that follows.

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